Embedding “environmental, social and governance” considerations into portfolio management suggests an approach that aligns with positive financial returns. The fund has supported technical assistance project in form of market and sector studies, policy studies, community actions. One of the Fund’s objectives is also to disseminate relevant policy and knowledge on private sector approaches that work in climate action and pro-poor infrastructure sub-sectors.

This facilitates design and implementation of projects, and aids in building the knowledge and capacities of the decision makers. Another key outcome of Technical Assistance is capacity building. The same is enabled by firstly establishing proof of concept in the form of investment projects designed for clear mitigation action, alongside climate resilience so that they can be used by investment actors to promote replicability and scalability. Proof of concept, resulting from the technical assistance are then expected to showcase comprehensive implementation for projects. This changes the perceptions of commercial investors on what they may see as high cost, high risk and low benefit sectors and improves the bankability of projects) by making them attractive for public and private investors.


Technical Assistance Facility

Technical Assistance Facility is established to undertake the 3 key areas.

Technical Support for improving compliance management and developing ESG capabilities for the portfolio.


Capacity building for the portfolio entities


Research and technological developments which includes technical study for sectors relevant to portfolio companies.